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Ralllies start at 9.45am with a gear check. This is done to ensure the safety of the rider and comfort of the horse. If someone asks you to alter your gear it is for a good reason, so please ask if unsure. It is most appreciated if everyone gets to pony club at least 30 mins prior to gear check to help with putting out the equipment. It is also expected that riders and their guardians help put the equipment away at the end of the day. Many hands make light work!

Lessons commence at 10am with a lunch break at about 12pm followed by 2 more hours of lessons.

Canteen facilities are available at rallies. These are a great fundraiser, so please try to support it.



Our uniform we wear with pride. The dress uniform which is worn at official competition days and inter club gymkhanas consists of a bottle green wollen jumper with 'v' neck, yellow arm bands, yellow shirt, green tie, beige jodphurs, riding boots and a standard approved helmet.

We also have an active riding uninform which can be used in the games or cross country riding etc. This consists of a rugby top and green OR beige jodphurs.

Rugby tops can be purchased through the treasurer.

Membership Fees

Rally fees are $20.

PCAT Affiliation and Insurance fees are $80 per rider.

Any adult who rides at PC must have their insurance paid, even if it just on their child's horse or if an instructor gets on a horse. This is $30.

Memberships fees are $110 per family.

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