Dressage & Show Jumping Championships

State Show Jumping Championship

This was held at Gravelly Beach on Sunday 15th April 2007. Results were:
A group Sarah Campbell riding Fling 5th
B Group Tanaha Smithers riding Warped 14th
C Group Brooke Smithers and Rosie 20th, Laura Walker and Sardie 21st.

Leven came 7th overall.

State Dressage Championship

Had great weather at Gravelly Beach, followed by great results for all our girls.

Dressage was a long day as there were 60 riders in C group - which was divided into two divisions. In Div 1 we had Laura and Brooke, both doing lovely tests and Brooke achieving 4th, good one Brooke

Div 2 'C' group we had our youngsters of Julie-Anne, Kelsie and Georgia P, all did a great job, Julie-Anne and Kelsie at state champs for the 1st time, and Georgia being the youngest competitor for the weekend. They placed 18th- Georgia, 20th Julie-Anne and 22nd Kelsie, you go girls!

Tanaha was our lonesome 'B' group rider, who did a great job for the team. The 2 Sarah's of Steers and Campbell, did us proud in 'A' group. Sarah C gaining 3rd. Sarah C won the Elementary Dressage and Sarah S came third- shows the skill of our girls in the hard tests-great job!

Our Leven Team of Sarah C, Tanaha and Brooke took out 4th place. Fantastic!!!!!!!!

We fielded two group dressage teams our Div 1 of Sarah S, Tanaha, Brooke and Laura were great and achieved 5th.

Our Div 2 group of Georgia P, Kelsie, Shelly and Julie-Anne did their best test ever and came home with a red ribbon - was extremely proud of them, and they were very excited.

Fantastic effort by all, well done to mums and dads for getting everyone to trainings.