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PCAT State Trials 2008

Trials 2008 On the 7th of March three families headed down to Huntingfield Pony Club located at Howden for State Trials, Smithers, Walkers and good old Pearce's. We all unloaded our horses at the beautiful property were they where staying and then headed to KFC for some tea. Then we tried to find the cabins were we were staying following dad, god knows why. At about 10pm we finally got there and went to straight to sleep as we had a few big days ahead of us.

DAY 1 - Dressage In grade 2 Brooke was coming 4th, Tanaha 5th and Laura mid field. In Grade 3 Brooke and Laura where both coming around mid field. Everyone was very happy. Then we walked to cross country with Karen several times. It was a very challenging course.

DAY 2 - Cross Country First up was Brooke in grade 2 who didn’t have a good run at all falling off at the 5th jump and retiring. Tanaha went really good with only one refusal at the scary 5th jump. Laura also went really well with a clear round. In Grade 3 Brooke had one stop at the water and Laura having one stop and a fall but she managed to get back on and keep going. Overall 36 riders were eliminated in cross country, so just to get around was great. It was a good day and everyone was happy. That night we had the presentation dinner which Tanaha, Brooke, Laura and Karen attended. The meal was pretty good and we left around 9:30pm as we still had one more long day to get through.

DAY 3 - Show Jumping Grade 2 Tanaha and Laura both knocking a pole. Grade 3, Brooke with a clear round and Laura with one refusal. Then we had presentation and the results were: Grade 2: Laura 3rd and Tanaha 5th Grade 3: Brooke 8th and Laura 12th. It was a great three days and all of the riders would like to say a big thanks to Karen for coming all the way down for us and her help was great, we would also like to say a big thanks to our parents for getting us down there and all of their help, last but not least our cheer squad Georgia, Julie-Ann and Shelly, thanks guys. Report by Brooke =)

PCAT State Trials 2007

All the visiting clubs staying at the Leven PC grounds had a wonderful time and enjoyed our facilities. They were very happy with the dressage phase because it ran smoothly. The Saturday night we had a great meal with all the clubs mingling together, enjoying some live entertainment.

Sunday the XC had great viewing places of a wonderful course. Unfortunately a girl had a fall on the course and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance. She is now recovering at home. The SJ course was entertaining with jump 6 having two options; the brick wall was nearly taken every time.

Brooke was our only competitor in Grade 2 and she completed the course in style. Her and Rosie should be very proud.

Tanaha placed 2nd individually in Grade 3B, riding the Legend a.k.a. Warped. Laura and Sardi went really well for their first Trials, also completing Grade 3. Laura and Tanaha came 2nd in their grade 3 team with the help of Steve McGowan from Circular Head.

Thanks to Cathy Hutton for helping the girls out with the XC and SJ.

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